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My goal is to grow as a global brand and offer healthy smart food to everyone. I am determined to show healthier alternatives for people to enjoy. With my company and product, I hope to educate people on wellness and the value of good nutrition.

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About Rita Danilova

I have been interested in entrepreneurship since my early days. I got involved in the music industry back in 2000’s whilst still studying at the university. I started booking international music acts to Russia by having this process outsourced (typically in-house and very new then). In 2009 together with my business partner we opened a branch of the company in Tallinn, Estonia. As a talent buyer and music curator I was involved in all of the major festivals and productions all over Russia, worked with some of the legendary artists and brought my Estonian company revenue to $3M in 4 years thus making it a leader in the industry. My interest in the food space emerged organically from my multiple trips around the world and my genuine interest in well being & health. The idea of the food company came in 2016. LOVA is a food company that produces familiar to consumer products yet have a new value proposition. They are gluten, sugar & dairy free. My goal is to grow as a global brand and offer smart food to everyone. With my company & products I want to educate people on the power of wellness and good nutrition.



  • Research University - Higher School of Economics


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